The Lighthouse

An inter-Tradition Chantry founded to prevent the Gouge from setting of the San Andreas Fault and sinking California beneath the waves. It is based out of the Mission Chantry, and consists mainly of cabals from that Chantry.


La Casa de Santa Muerta, Euthanatos
The Chinatown Medicine Society, Akashic Brotherhood
The Magnus Temple, Order of Hermes
The Mission, Celestial Chorus

Mission San Francisco de Asis – As the oldest building in San Francisco, the Mission acts as the arcitectural heart of the city giving it great Psycogeographical influence. It has thus become the official base of operations for The Magnus Temple, and the uncreativly named Mission Cabal, as well as the unofficial base for the San Francisco Psycogeographical Society.
Sun Simiao’s A Traditional Chinese Apothacary Shop run by members of the Akashic Brotherhood. It is located in such a place as to get maximum Quintessence.

The Lighthouse

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