The Farwalker Clan a national family of verbena, made up of rednecks, hippies and hoodoo root men.

  • The Arizona Branch, Verbena
  • The San Francisco Branch, Verbena. Run a winery outside of town. None for their fondness of crossbows.
  • The Washington Branch, Verbena

Full Circle Computers, a Computer Company run by the Knights of the Lambda Calculus based on bringing about the Singularity on the terms of the Traditions.

The Lighthouse, set up after the 1906 Earthquake to deal with the onslaught of the Gouge.

Unaffiliated with a Chantry

East Coast Command Center or EC3, is the base of operations for Technocratic activity in California, and most of the West Coast. It is made up largelly of members of the New World Order.

  • The Divisdero Safe House, New World Order, see Technocracy, New World Order, pg 61-67
  • Panoptic Task Force Asia-Pacific 3, The Jesuits, see Transmissions from the Rouge Council, pgs 64-67

Pandatica Computers, a computer company, once very influential in the ‘90s, which has since come back into it’s own after coming under new management. The Technocracy knows it is controlled largelly by a member of Iteration X known only as Bishop.

The Gouge
The Montauk Boyz


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