Iteration X (formerly Virtual Adepts)


Convention: Iteration X (formerly Virtual Adepts)
Methodology: Time-Motion Manager
Genius(Essence): Dynamic
Nature: Crusader
Demeanor: Architect


Caucasian, late 30s to early 40s. Shaved head. Paradox marks have left him looking eerily uncanny. You can’t tell what is wrong with him, but you know something is up.
Formerly a member of The Knights of the Lambda Calculus, Bishop disapeared around the time of the Millenium Bug. He has recently re-appeared as the head of the research team for Pandatica Information. He claims to be in contact with a highly developed Seed AI that will help him bring about the Singularity by 2020, at the latest. No one is really sure what that entails just yet.


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